<The Opening Statement>

   In this page, the owners installing the WALD Body Kit and wheels on their autos are the target.
   The transcript of the published images is prohibited.
   We do not accept any request for the order as the publishing order is the order of the arrival.


   (1) Autos must be installed WALD Body Kit (Front/Side/Rear) or Wheels.
   (2) Autos must be WALD Complete cars.
   Either of the above conditions becomes the target.
   (3) WALD Body Kit should be understandable as the original design (Not too much customization.)


   We accept three pictures per an owner.
   Picture Size: Bigger than 640 x 480 pixels, JPEG
   A horizontal image is preferable.
   We will welcome the pictures of an auto with an owner and his/her family.
   We will work on a license plate before publishing. Please send us pictures without any computer work.
   We do not give you back any pictures. Please acknowledge this matter.

<How to send us>

   Please click the box below here.
   Please fill out enquiries and attach the pictures.